The PolycarbonPlus-System

Innovation in water treatment



The increasing pollution of our water ressources and the shortage of usable fresh water present a major problem that needs to be addressed. The patented system PolycarbonPlus, product name MesoFix, has been specially developed for various applications for the purification and treatment of water and sewage of various origins.


MesoFix is a molecular adsorbing absorber, constructed as a multi-component system consisting of special carbon compounds and other conditioned components that are homogeneously mixed into their intended form. The material is available in the form of pellets and / or as granules in pads, booms, moldings of any design or as bulk material, depending on the area of application or requirement. MesoFix adsorbs the entire group of hydrocarbons, e.g. BTX, PAK's, HVOC´s and other substances, as well as crude oil and all its derivatives in liquid and also gaseous consistency. The special feature of the system is that it not only adsorbs the pollutants mentioned, but also absorbs them. This special effect prevents the absorbed pollutants from being released again.


The PolycarbonPlus-System is a molecular adsorbent
Absorber and therefore has a unique feature!



Fields of Application


The MesoFix product can not only absorb and incorporate highly toxic media, such as polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) or dioxins from leachate waters, but also contributes significantly to lowering the COD / BOD5 values of polluted sewage water. This effect of adsorption with subsequent absorption is so far unique on the world market.


Examples where it can be used:


• Crude oil, all its derivatives (petrochemical substances) in liquid or gaseous


• On water surfaces (even if heavily stirred)


• On the bottom of water bodies (sediment)


• In the flow process (for dissolved substances)


• In the ground (in situ soil remediation process)


• In water-bearing areas (aquifer)


• Waste water treatment to reduce the COD value


• all organic compounds (mainly those with a complex molecular structure)


At present, test results are available with 46 different substances from A such as acetone over P such as P cresol to T such as tetrahydrofuran. For all substances, the binding capacity in the material has been measured.   

Further series of experiments are very successful in the field of gas extraction, as well as tests with conditioned pellets, which are being produced for their specific use, depending on location, intended aim and pollution concerned. For this purpose, certain substances are added to in order to extract heavy metals for example or to remove arsenic and the like with MesoFix.





PolycarbonPlus is a molecular adsorbing absorber for different carbon compounds and a variety of organic molecular structures. In water purification and water treatment adsorption processes play a decisive role for pollutant removal. A system combination like PolycarbonPlus with several mutually complementary and reinforcing components compared to activated carbon provides the following benefits:


• the highly active carbon in PolycarbonPlus in connection with application-specific
  conditioning substances provide swift binding of pollutants from water or air
• the polymer matrix is responsible for a fixed binding of substances in the system


PolycarbonPlus and activated carbon differ among other characteristics in pore volume and its distribution. With activated carbon tailor-made systems can be created which optimally cover those adsorption-applications, where small molecular substances react with the micropores of activated carbon.


In PolycarbonPlus Meso - and macro-pores predominate, allowing the absorption of long-chained molecules as well as ring molecules. Extensive field tests have shown that in addition to a number of CHCs, PAHs, BTX and other Hydrocarbons large quantities of surface oils can be absorbed completely by PolycarbonPlus. Activated carbon would be blocked by these molecular structures and cease its function.


PolycarbonPlus can be upgraded with more active components or metal catalysts on demand. The possibility of conditioning he system enables cleaning of waste water with a high COD (chemical oxygen demand).The COD value indicates the consumption of oxygen necessary for oxidizing all organic substances contained in the water in mg/l or g/m³. By using PolycarbonPlus a decreas of this value by more than 75 percent has been achieved.

The applications for PolycarbonPlus are virtually unlimited and make both an alternative, as well as an extension of or an addition to activated carbon. The basic substance stores the molecules to be extracted in its tissue and binds them firmly.This property explains why the PolycarbonPlus leaves little traces after successful application, doesn't smear, is easy to handle and finally can be thermally disposed of.

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Please see also the video on this page for a further explaination of the PolycarbonPlus system.